Repair Service – For all clothing and textiles

Repair Service – For all clothing and textiles

Repair instead of throwing away!

At Massold Design we offer a repair service for all clothing and textiles. Whether you bought it from us or somewhere else.

How does it all work?

Very easily!

  1. First fill out the contact form (see below)
  2. Briefly describe the damage to your favorite item of clothing (e.g. with size in cm. or similar)
  3. Send and wait until an employee contacts you without obligation
  4. Send it in and have it repaired!

Why are we doing this?

Our brand stands for sustainability, which is why longevity is not only important for our textiles, but for all textiles.

We know the problem when your favorite t-shirt breaks. And buying new is not the same as keeping this. Whereby there is usually no more to buy because the fashion industry is so fast-moving. That's why we offer our sewing service as a repair service at very favorable conditions!

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