About Us

MD - a small company from the Münsterland.

The modern brand next door; or from further away. We offer you a great range full of sustainable products. And the environment is our top priority. Of course, the employees in our supply chains are also paid fairly. But we also see this as the standard.

MD was founded in 2018 by CEO Alexander Massold - still successful on the market today. It all started with a white t-shirt with no logo or design, and a black crew- neck . And now our range includes various garments in the areas of feminine and masculine clothing. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming the brand that does it better than everyone else. Unfortunately, it's not that difficult.

Because we not only offer sustainable products. The transport is also handled CO₂- neutral. In addition, a tree is planted to give something back to the earth .

Trees are currently being planted in the Philippines for every item sold . More specifically, mangrove trees. More about this here . As most of the "eco" brands are aimed more towards middle- aged people, we address the young audience and offer modern and elegant fashion in the field of streetwear and sports. In addition, articles in the areas of drugstore and jewelery are offered. With a constantly growing range, we want to retain our customers and win new ones. Because it's time for the future. And the future is sustainable!

“The future interests me more than the past, because it is in it that I intend to live.”

Albert Einstein

If you need to contact us, don't be shy. Whether it's a quick question, a request for new products or problems with your order. You are welcome to contact us via this contact form .

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WhatsApp: +491747580729

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